Sensei Marcel Lussier (7th dan)
Chief Instructor, IKD Saskatchewan         Saskatchewan Director, IKD Canada

Operates St. Louis Shotokan Karate Federation Dojo in St. Louis Saskatchewan.  Sensei Lussier began karate training in Prince Albert in 1981.  He has since traveled extensively training under many of the highest ranking karate masters in the world.  He has won numerous medals at the ISKF Canada National Championships.  He won gold medals in senior men's kata (forms) and kumite (sparring) at the ISKF World Shoto Cup, in 2008.   He has been honoured in the Saskatchewan Legislature for his accomplishments.  (See page 1937 of this link).   Sensei Lussier is an IKD certified Class A Judge, Class A Instructor and Class A Examiner.  Sensei Lussier is a corrections officer at Saskatchewan Penitentiary. 

Sensei Chris Lair (6th dan)                               Operates Prince Albert Budokai Karate Dojo in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  Sensei Lair began karate training in Prince Albert in 1983.  He has since received instruction from karate masters such as Masatoshi Nakayama, (10th dan), Teruyuki Okazaki, (10th dan) and Yutaka Yaguchi (9th dan).  He has won medals at the ISKF Canada and IKD Canada National Championships for individual sparring, individual kata and team kata.   Sensei Lair graduated with high honors from the University of Saskatchewan where he conducted original research in achievement motivation of elite athletes.  Sensei Lair is an IKD certified Class C Judge, Class D Instructor and Class D Examiner.  Sensei Lair is a police officer in Prince Albert. 

Sensei Larry Abbott (2nd Dan)

Larry Abbott began karate training with Midwest Karate (JKA).  While there he trained under Sensei James Kushner, while also receiving training from Sensei Jerry Marr.  After taking a lengthy leave he had returned to training under Sensei Chris Lair in P.A. (Sask IKD).  While training there he received his Shodan and continued training. This included training under Shihan Marcel Lussier, Shihan Maureen Woon A Tai and Shihan W. Dexter Shim.   He is currently a Nidan.
Karate is a passion of Larry’s which resulted in him opening, in 2014, his own Dojo (Valecrest IKD) in Tisdale, Sask.
Larry has a trade in Motor Vehicle Repair and has been employed as an Industrial Painter since 2001.

Sensei Robert Millar  (2nd dan)                               

Instructor of Regina YMCA Karate Club.  Sensei Millar is a lawyer in Regina.

Sensei Darrell Paetsch (2nd dan)                             Operates the SaskValley Karate Club in Rosthern Saskatchewan.  Sensei Paetsch has been training in karate since 2001.  He recently joined IKD and obtained his 1st dan from Master Woon-A-Tai in 2013.  And his 2nd dan in Mar 2016.  Sensei Paetsch is a retired heavy duty mechanic.