Sensei Chris Lair (6th dan)                               Operates Prince Albert Budokai Karate Dojo in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  Sensei Lair began karate training in Prince Albert in 1983.  He has since received instruction from karate masters such as Masatoshi Nakayama, (10th dan), Teruyuki Okazaki, (10th dan) and Yutaka Yaguchi (9th dan).  He has won medals at the ISKF Canada and IKD Canada National Championships for individual sparring, individual kata and team kata.   Sensei Lair graduated with high honors from the University of Saskatchewan where he conducted original research in achievement motivation of elite athletes.  Sensei Lair is an IKD certified Class C Judge, Class D Instructor and Class D Examiner.  Sensei Lair is retired in Prince Albert. 

Sensei Larry Abbott (3rd Dan)

Larry Abbott began karate training with Midwest Karate (JKA).  While there he trained under Sensei James Kushner, while also receiving training from Sensei Jerry Marr.  After taking a lengthy leave he had returned to training under Sensei Chris Lair in P.A. (Sask IKD).  While training there he received his Shodan and continued training. This included training under Shihan Marcel Lussier, Shihan Maureen Woon A Tai and Shihan W. Dexter Shim.   He is currently a Sandan.  Karate is a passion of Larry’s which resulted in him opening, in 2014, his own Dojo (Valecrest IKD) in Tisdale, Sask.  Larry has a trade in Motor Vehicle Repair and has been employed as an Industrial Painter since 2001.

Caitlyn Sachkowski (4th Dan)

Operates St. Michael’s Community School, Prince Albert. Sensei Sachkowski began karate training in Prince Albert in 2010 under Sensei Chris Lair. Sensei Sachkowski has received training from Shihan Marcel Lussier, Shihan Frank Woon-a-Tai, Shihan Maureen Woon-A-Tai, Shihan Josef Woon-A-Tai, Shihan David Pyke, Shihan Bryan Mattias, Shihan Clive Hinds, and Shihan Janice Pyke. She has since traveled around the world for training and tournaments, and has won a variety of medals and awards. She co-instructed at St. Michael’s Dojo with Darcy Blahut in 2014, but took over as head instructor in 2015. She enjoys sharing her passion with the students and has fun challenging herself by incorporating the latest trends into her classes. Sensei Sachkowski is currently a 1st Assistant Manager at a well-known fast food restaurant.

Eric Reid (1st Dan)

Ryan Galbraith (5th Dan) - Assistant Instructor

Darcy Blahut (4th Dan) - Assistant Instructor